How Do I Get Started?

All you need is an interest in your own development and learning. No special talents are required.

If you are interested in studying, the first step is to contact your nearest Adult High School You can contact an Adult High School in many different ways:

  • by visting a school
  • by phone
  • by email
  • on the Internet
  • by letter
  • by fax.

In most cases, you can simply fill in the registration form with your personal information and chosen subjects. School personnel can guide you in this decision. You will be assigned a guidance counsellor and given a class timetable.

At the beginning of your studies, you should draw up a plan for progressing through Adult High School with your guidance counsellor or principal. Plans may be checked and re-checked throughout your studies, but a realistic study plan is essential to reaching your goals.

Planning to begin your studies as an adult can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid!

You, as a student, are a valued customer in Adult High School.

  • In Adult High School, you can ask for advice
  • Adult High School is flexible, understanding, supportive, and encouraging.

Please join us and discover the joy of learning in Adult High School!