How Much Time Will Studying Take?

It makes sense in the beginning of your studies to draw up a time management schedule, paying special attention to your other time commitments as well as your own individual study pace.

A school year is divided into five terms, and in each term you must balance your time between multiple courses. The course load can be anywhere from two to six courses depending on the your study plan. The time spent on one course can be estimated according to the following:

  • Time spent in class (varies for distance or independent learning) – approximately 4-6 hours per week
  • Homework – approximately 2 hours per week
  • Time must also be reserved for essays and other written assignments in those courses which require such work.
  • In total, one course takes about 38 hours of work.

Goal-oriented study leading to a high school diploma is a huge commitment and demands alot of time, so less time is left for hobbies and other activities. Think realistically about how much you are able to do. How much time does your work take, and is it flexible? How much time does your family need from you? What other commitments do you have? How much and what are you willing to give up during your studies?

Even though you may feel like you can handle alot, don’t forget to give yourself some free time plus rest and relaxation!