How Much Will It Cost?

Course Fees

  • Completing the entire high school curriculum with the intention of taking the Matriculation Examination is free.
  • There is a small fee for individual classes taken one at a time (about €30 – 50 per course). Ask for the specific price of courses from your local Adult High School.
  • Students who are unemployed may use study vouchers.


  • The cost of textbooks varies from course to course, but in general textbooks cost between €15 – 25 each.
  • Altogether, the cost of textbooks for the entire high school curriculum is about €500.

Other School Supplies

  • functional calculator
  • pens, rulers, compass
  • notebooks and other note-taking accessories
  • scratch paper (for tests)

The cost of taking the minimum four tests required in the Matriculation Examination is approximately €118 – 184.