What Will I Study?

If you are taking courses on an individual basis (e.g., as a hobby), you can freely choose your own courses. If you want to complete the entire high school curriculum and take the Matriculation Examination, you are required to include certain (compulsory) courses in your study program. To complete Adult High School and take the Matriculation Examination, you must satisfactorily complete at least 44 courses. (A student under 18 years of age completing high school must pass at least 48 courses.)

In Adult High School you will study:

  • Finnish (or Swedish) as a Mother Tongue or Finnish as a Second Language
  • A1 Language, or main Foreign Language (usually English)
  • Second Domestic Language
  • Mathematics (long or short syllabus)
  • Humanities and Natural Sciences (such as history, biology, religion, physics, and chemistry)
  • Elective (optional) courses

Elective courses include options specific to your particular school as well as advanced courses in selected subjects. You can, for example, take computer courses that are suited to your needs. Because you are an adult learner, your guidance counsellor will try to arrange subjects that are complementary to your previous studies and life experience. Adult High School teachers aim to offer instruction that is both clear and practical.