Immigrants and Adult High School

My native language is not Finnish – how well do I need to speak Finnish to study in Adult High School?

Because the pace of study is demanding and the content challenging, you should understand the language of instruction moderately well. In Adult High School, the main language of instruction is Finnish. Some schools have classes in Swedish, but only a few of the larger Adult High Schools offer instruction in English. The Matriculation Exam is offered only in Finnish and Swedish.

Finnish classes are organized in many schools, so that immigrants can improve their Finnish skills. While Finnish-speaking students study Finnish as their Mother Tongue, immigrants study Finnish as a Second Language. Immigrants are exempt from the second domestic language requirement.

When your language skills have improved sufficiently, you can begin to study other subjects. With the help of your guidance counsellor, you can find subjects that complement the knowledge and skills you already have.

Studying in a Finnish school will strengthen and support your ongoing Finnish language studies and ease your transition into Finnish society.

Immigrants are welcomed and encouraged to attend Adult High School, and every effort will be made to provide the support you need in your studies.