Who Can Study in Adult High School?

Adult High School is open to many different kinds of students. Studying is flexible. Individual needs and situations are taken into consideration as much as possible.

Adult High School is intended for students over 18 years of age. Students under 18 years of age may be admitted under special circumstances and through a decision by the school’s principal.

Adult High School builds upon the foundation laid in lower secondary (pre-high) school. If you reasonably mastered the knowledge and skills required to complete lower secondary school, you have the prerequisites to complete Adult High School courses. If it’s been a long time since your previous studies, some review may be in order. You can choose to review independently or through your local Adult High School’s starter classes or online learning environment.

There are no minimum grade requirements for admission to Adult High School. More important are your own enthusiasm, clear goals, available time, and willingness to work hard. You set your own study path. Your study skills will grow along the way.