Will I Get a Degree Or Diploma?

What does matriculation examination mean?

When you have completed the required 44 courses, you will receive the High School Leaving Certificate (lukion päättötodistus). The certificate entitles you to complete your studies by taking the Matriculation Examination (ylioppilastutkinto), which is held in all high schools twice each year, in spring and in autumn.

The purpose of the exam is to discover whether you have assimilated the knowledge and skills of the high school curriculum.

You may complete the exam in one examination period, or you can complete it during three consecutive examination periods.

The Matriculation Examination consists of at least four tests. The test in the Mother Tongue is compulsory for all candidates. You can then choose three other tests from among the following four tests: the test in the Second Domestic Language, a Foreign Language Test, the Mathematics Test, and the General Studies Test. You may include one or more optional tests in addition to the required tests.

(Please note that there is a separate Matriculation Exam for immigrants with variations in the language requirements.)

Passing the Matriculation Examination gives you the right you to take university entrance exams and continue your studies at university. It also entitles you to acquire your own “white cap” to wear on the first of May.